Geopolymer resins do not come into contact with water and are able to maintain a stable state in a humid environment for a long time. These qualities make it possible to use geopolymers for lifting, leveling and stabilizing port infrastructure facilities.

Uretek modern technologies are used to lift and stabilize concrete pavements in sea and river ports. In this case, injection is possible not only directly under the concrete slabs of moorings or embankments, but also into the soil of the base of structures, which is characterized by water saturation.

Strengthening the soil under piers and embankments

The construction of concrete piers and embankments provides for the installation of a vertical retaining wall, behind which a layer of soil is poured for the installation of concrete coatings. Due to the influence of sea or river water, the level of groundwater periodically changes, and with it the moisture content of the soil of the base of the structure.

This leads to a gradual compaction of bulk soil and subsidence of the horizontal surfaces of moorings and embankments. At the same time, trucks, loaders, conveyor belts, gantry cranes and other equipment are continuously moving along the horizontal surfaces of port infrastructure facilities. Port coatings are exposed to high dynamic loads. For example, 60 ton gantry trucks can carry containers weighing up to 40 tons. All this creates excessive pressure on horizontal surfaces and increases the degree of compaction of the soil, which provokes an increase in subsidence of concrete surfaces.

To stabilize the designs of moorings, ports and embankments, compaction, strengthening and stabilization of bulk soil and soil of the base of the structure are carried out by injection of geopolymer materials. At the same time, it is not required to stop the port to lift and level concrete slabs.

Lifting and leveling concrete pavement of ports

The use of Uretek technology at marinas and ports may include strengthening parking lots for heavy vehicles and the gantry cranes and loaders. It is also possible to repair concrete floors and level out sagging floor slabs of warehouses, to strengthen the underlying soil layers that have sagged or washed under the influence of water.

Slab Lifting technology allows you to raise and level concrete slabs. In addition, to increase the bearing capacity of soils, the method of deep injection Deep Injection is used. In this case, hepolymers displace “excess” water from moistened soil and strengthen and strengthen the soil.

Benefits of Uretek Methods

The traditional method of restoration of concrete slabs covering port facilities involves the dismantling of slabs, compaction of bulk soil, and then the reinstallation of reinforced concrete pavement. In fact, we are talking about the re-construction of the structure. In addition to a significant financial burden, this approach forces the facility to be decommissioned for a while, which leads to additional losses due to downtime of port infrastructure elements.

In the case of Uretek technology, neither decommissioning nor dismantling of the coatings is required. All materials and equipment in this case are placed in one truck, which allows for phased work in different areas. For injection, it is only necessary to drill a series of technological holes with a diameter of 12-16 mm. The areas where restoration operations are carried out are fully ready for return to operation only 15 minutes after the completion of work.

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