URETEK geopolymer resins are a material that does not come into contact with water and is able to maintain a stable state in a humid environment. This makes it possible to use geopolymers to strengthen the coastline of water bodies and strengthen the soil of the coastal zone.

Not only the shores of large lakes, seas and rivers can undergo water erosion - the gradual destruction due to the continuous exposure to liquids. Illiterate ponds, sewage receivers, small lakes with underground sources, weakly fortified dams, etc. are equally dangerous for coastal soil, and therefore for nearby buildings.

To prevent emergencies that threaten to break through the fortifications or collapse of the coastline, reinforce the coastal soil and strengthen the shore of the reservoir.

Traditional difficulties

When the threat of coastal erosion is not a priority, shore restoration and strengthening of emergency soil can be carried out on a residual basis.

For example, due to the impossibility of carrying out a complete reconstruction of the fortifications, temporary solutions are used (say, periodic soil strengthening with crushed stone). In the long run, such an approach turns out to be long, laborious and costly. At the same time, there is a need to use heavy construction equipment and carry out major excavation works.

When using URETEK geopolymer resins, a one-time major solution to the problem of soil reinforcement is possible. The restoration of soil properties using geopolymers is carried out quickly and efficiently, attracting compact mobile units that introduce a multicomponent geopolymer through small holes with a diameter of 8-16 mm.

Soil reinforcement technology

To reinforce the emergency sections of the coastline and restore the collapsing coastal fortifications (for example, bulk stone dams) using geopolymer resins, the method of deep injection Deep Injection is used. Geopolymer injections are carried out to a depth of 1.5 m or more. At the same time, a series of several injections at different depths makes it possible to form a powerful waterproof screen right in the thickness of the soil.

Multicomponent hepolymer resins gain strength within 15 minutes after the completion of the injections and immediately create a waterproof obstruction that can withstand a multi-ton load. The structure of geopolymers strengthens waterproofing and waterproofing properties and enables it to maintain a stable state in humid and water-saturated environments for a long time.

To strengthen the structure of the coast, injections can also be made into the existing coastline, formed from stones and boulders. In this case, the geopolymer resin will gradually fill the space between the boulders, as a result of which a monolithic mass will be formed.

Features of geopolymers

High humidity does not affect the hardening quality of URETEK. In addition, geopolymer resins are a completely inert and environmentally friendly material. Its use does not upset the biological balance in water bodies.

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