Uretek's innovative geopolymer injection methods enable urgent repairs to concrete roads. Thanks to the use of geopolymers in a matter of hours, it is possible to strengthen the soil under the pavement, as well as stabilize and level the position of sagging concrete slabs.

Long-term operation, excessive loads, environmental factors, and more, can lead to deterioration of roads. Separate concrete slabs used in the construction of the carriageway and parking areas may sag. As a result, the quality of the road surface deteriorates and the operational load on the car increases.

This can be especially pronounced in places of heavy traffic, in truck parking, loading areas, maneuvers, etc. The described cases can cause accidents to prevent which repair and leveling of the concrete pavement is carried out.

Concrete slab lifting

The range of tasks that Slab Lifting concrete slab lifting technology allows to solve is very wide. With the help of geopolymers, it is possible to raise and level the position of the sagging slabs of the road section, to ensure the reconstruction of emergency zones of the pavement adjacent to bridges, railway crossings, loading platforms, port docks, etc. The use of geopolymer resins is much more effective than the use of traditional technologies and materials for the restoration of road surfaces.

At the same time, a full cycle of repair procedures using geopolymers takes from a couple of hours to several days, while it takes weeks even months to restore a concrete coating with dismantling and reinstalling the slabs. Works using geopolymers can only be partially limited by movement during the period of the least traffic. Cars, loaders and even heavy vehicles can move around the repaired area within 15 minutes after completion of work.

Other technology features

For repair and arrangement of roads, you can apply the technology of deep injection Deep Injection. It allows you to increase the bearing capacity of soils on which a motorway or a parking zone is equipped. This may be relevant when laying new highways and autobahns. Especially effective is the use of geopolymers on excessively moist soils. In this case, soil reinforcement during injection occurs by displacing "excess" water.

The algorithm of work

To stabilize, level and raise sections of the concrete road surface using Slab Lifting technology, it is necessary to drill several technological holes with a diameter of 12-16 mm in the coating.

Tubes for injection of material are inserted into the finished holes. Geopolymer resins are injected directly under the concrete coating and, expanding, fill the voids in the soil and displace the "excess" liquid.

When expanding, the geopolymer material provides compaction and strengthening of the soil, as well as the lifting of sagging concrete slabs. Plate lifting accuracy is monitored in real time using laser levels. Maximum measurement error ± 1 mm.

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