Intensive operation of airfields can lead to dangerous subsidence over time. The lifting and stabilization of concrete slabs of the airfield by traditional methods threatens to decommission the facility for weeks or months. Restoring coverage using URETEK technology will take days or even hours.

The subsidence of airfield concrete slabs can be caused by various reasons. Among them - the increased load on the airport and the discrepancy of the project with modern requirements, damage to the drainage system of the airfield, the natural deterioration of the object, and so on. Often, sagging, cracked or slightly curved concrete slabs of taxiways and runways within acceptable values ​​may not pose a direct threat and may not create emergency situations. However, problems may arise, for example, with a sharp change in weather conditions. For example, excessive rainfall during a sharp drop in temperature can lead to the formation of a dangerous layer of ice on the surface of the airport coating.

Underground reinforcement

The situation can be corrected by surgical intervention in the state of the soil under the concrete slabs of the airfield of the airfield. To perform the traditional operation of strengthening the soil, lifting and stabilizing the position of airfield concrete slabs, it is often necessary to completely dismantle the slabs on the territory of the sagging area with subsequent restoration of the coating.

Moreover, to perform similar operations to strengthen the soil and level the position of concrete slabs of the airfield using URETEK technologies, it is not necessary to dismantle the coating. It is enough to drill several holes with a diameter of 16 mm in concrete or at the joints between the slabs and apply the multicomponent geopolymer material to the required depth.

Technology specifics

The unique property of URETEK geopolymer resins is that they expand and gain high strength just 15 minutes after injections. Immediately after the work, the reconstructed section can be operated in the permissible load mode: the stabilized section of the airfield can withstand the full weight of the airliner.

Thus, in order to fully restore the operational state of the airfield cover, it is often not necessary not only to close the facility for a long time, but also to change the flight schedule. The necessary work can be performed taking into account traffic at night, when the natural load on the airport is low. An important advantage of URETEK geopolymer injection technologies is the complete autonomy of the equipment: the equipment and materials necessary for work are compactly placed in a mobile complex, which will not create restrictions on the movement of aircraft throughout the rest of the airfield.

Two methodologies

To repair the coverage of the airfield, two geopolymer injection technologies are usually used. To strengthen the soil at a depth of several meters, use the technology of deep injection Deep Injection. To directly align the position of concrete slabs, the Slab Lifting method is used with injections under the slabs themselves. At the same time, the position of concrete slabs is easy to adjust in real time during injection by geopolymer resins. For this, special ultraprecise laser levels are used that are capable of detecting motion within ± 1 mm.

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