The concrete floor of the lower floor of household and industrial premises may experience subsidence. It is also possible deformation and skew of individual concrete slabs, damage to concrete elements in the joints, etc. To repair and level the concrete floor, it is not necessary to interrupt the production process and dismantle the equipment.

If the floor of the lower floor of an economic or industrial premises is made of concrete slabs, the precipitation of individual elements is permissible within certain limits. All preparatory work for the arrangement of the floor must be done at a high level, otherwise after some time of operation of the room will require repair of concrete floors. Strongly settled and unstable concrete elements and sagging or damaged edges of the slabs will interfere with the normal course of production processes.

Concrete floor repair

To eliminate the deformation of concrete floors, to raise and align the position of individual concrete slabs of the floor of the lower floor, you can use the Slab Lifting technology. Work can be carried out as soon as possible, without dismantling the equipment. This saves time and money, which is not possible when using outdated methods of repairing concrete floors.

At the same time, during the repair of concrete floors using Slab Lifting technology, the load on the concrete floor is not a disadvantage, but rather an advantage. Sometimes it makes sense even to first install new equipment, and only then do work to correct the level of the concrete floor. Having significant weight loads, it is easier to direct maximum efforts when injecting geopolymers to lower layers of the soil. The soil will be compacted under a given load, which will allow you to get a more stable floor surface.

Concrete Floor Alignment Technology

When repairing a concrete floor using Slab Lifting technology, problematic areas of the floor can be put into operation as quickly as possible. The downtime and costs associated with the removal and replacement of concrete floors are virtually absent. And the technology itself has a minimal impact on the customer’s business processes.

In order to align the position of concrete slabs, a series of injections with geopolymers is carried out directly under the slab through openings with a diameter of 8-12 mm. The constituent components of the material are mixed on special equipment, the chemical expansion reaction of geopolymers begins almost instantly. Geopolymer material fills cavities and voids, expands and compacts soil layers under the slab, weak in bearing capacity.

Soil compaction occurs in a radius of 0.50 m from the injection site, and with the further introduction of geopolymers, a layer with load-bearing capacity is formed, which becomes the fulcrum for lifting the concrete floor slab. The lifting process is controllable and monitored along the way. Lifting accuracy is ± 1 mm. After completion of the work, the injection holes are closed.

Floor repair of refrigeration facilities

To cold storage facilities put forward special requirements for thermal insulation. In order to maintain a negative indoor temperature, such structures are specially insulated on all sides, including not only the walls and the upper ceiling, but also the floor.

If an existing warehouse that is not equipped with reliable thermal insulation needs to be converted for a refrigeration room, geopolymers can also be used to level and warm the floor or concrete slab foundation.

During injection, two tasks are solved here. Firstly, the soil is reinforced and compacted, which makes it possible to prepare the floor of the lower floor for increased loads. Secondly, an additional layer of geopolymers under the foundation or floor of the lower floor acts as a heat-insulating material. In this case, there is no need to incur additional costs for arranging the thermal insulation of the refrigerator compartment floor.

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