Unfortunately, the formation of cracks in the floor and walls of private houses is not a rare phenomenon. Often, such deformations arise due to subsidence of the foundations of structures, which can be triggered by weakening of the soil of the base of the house. Restoring a house with damage of this nature is possible using the URETEK geopolymer injection technology.

Despite the fact that the house seems to us to be a solid structure, its position in space can change dynamically due to changes in the characteristics of the soil on which the building is built. The fact is that the foundation of the house, and therefore the entire structure, can undergo uniform subsidence or uneven subsidence, when for one reason or another the subsidence in adjacent sections of the foundation is different.

When the degree of subsidence of the foundation exceeds the limit value, the bearing and non-bearing structures of the building are damaged. This is manifested in the formation of cracks in the floor and walls, the departure of curtain walls from the ceilings, in the skew of doorways and window structures, and so on.

There may be several reasons for such subsidence of the foundation. These are design errors and poor-quality construction work on compaction of the foundation foundation soil. Force majeure situations are also possible when the base soil is weakened due to a violation of the integrity of the underground water supply or sewage system or a sudden increase in the level of groundwater. In any case, to protect the house from further destruction and to eliminate cracks in the walls, it is necessary to strengthen the soil and raise the foundation of the house to the desired level.

Ways to strengthen the soil and raise the foundation

The traditional method of strengthening the soil of the base and raising the foundation of the structure involves the implementation of large-scale work. In this case, serious construction equipment must be used to eliminate cracks in the floor and walls. At the same time, the full period of repairing the foundation, strengthening the soil and restoring the floor and walls of the house can take about 4-6 weeks.

Modern methods of strengthening the soil, stabilizing and raising the foundations of private houses, involving the introduction of multicomponent geopolymer resins URETEK into the soil, can provide a solution to such problems in just 2-3 days. At the same time, there is no need to carry out earthwork and attract heavy special equipment.

Geopolymer Injection

To eliminate cracks in walls and floors with the use of URETEK technology, injections are made by geopolymers either to a considerable depth under the base of the foundation (Deep Injection technology) or directly under concrete floor slabs (Slab Lifting technology). The expanding geopolymer material gains strength in 15 minutes, which allows you to quickly fill voids in the soil under the foundation and increase the density and bearing capacity of the soil of the base. It is very important that the structure of geopolymers makes it possible to inject, in particular, into excessively moist soils.

During injections, URETEK specialists are able to track in real time the movements of concrete floor and foundation slabs with an accuracy of ± 1 mm. The elimination of cracks at this time occurs literally before our eyes. The injection procedure itself is carried out in small wells drilled in the soil or in holes in concrete in the floor. The diameter of the injection holes is usually 8-16 mm.

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