A decrease in the water level in a concrete pool can be caused by various factors. In addition to natural evaporation and problems with a faulty pipeline, more serious situations are possible when cracks form in the pool due to subsidence of the foundation. In this case, urgent restoration work is needed.

Cracks in concrete pools arise due to uneven settlement of the concrete bowl, the reason for which is poor compaction of the soil or soil jamming in the pool area, for example, a breakthrough of water-carrying communications. Since the appearance of cracks leads to water leaks, further aggravation of the situation is inevitable. The soil under the pool will erode even more and as a result it will become impossible to operate the facility.

To correct the situation, it is not enough just to repair and waterproof the cracks in concrete. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of cracks. If their appearance is caused by uneven settlement of the structure, reinforce the soil under the pool and stabilize its foundation. This can be done in just 1-2 days without carrying out concrete and earthwork. For this you need to use the method of deep injection geopolymers URETEK.

Deep Injection Technology

The elimination of cracks caused by uneven settlement of concrete pools requires an integrated approach. First of all, it is necessary to fill the voids formed in the soil under the pool, and if necessary, strengthen excessively moistened soil. Often it is required not only to stop the drawdown and stabilize the position of the pool, but also to lift the concrete structure. And only then, after eliminating the cause, does it make sense to repair and waterproof the cracks in concrete.

For lifting and stabilizing the position of the pool in the ground, the method of injection with Deep Injection geopolymers, which is performed by URETEK, is suitable. This method involves the introduction into the soil under the pool of geopolymeric material, which expands and fills all the voids in the soil. At the same time, geopolymers displace water and strengthen weakened and excessively moistened soil, additionally performing the function of waterproofing the structure in a horizontal plane. Injection is carried out through wells with a diameter of 8-16 mm, which are closed immediately after completion of work. Injections are possible around the perimeter of the pool, as well as directly into the base of the bowl.

The principle of operation of geopolymers 

The injection method of URETEK geopolymers is non-destructive and extremely effective for strengthening soil and stabilizing the position of concrete structures. URETEK geopolymer resins create powerful vertically directed pressure, which allows you to return the settled pool to the design level and eliminate the cause of cracks in the concrete bowl.

The process of raising and stabilizing the pool takes place under the close supervision of specialists and is regulated using a laser level (accuracy up to ± 1 mm). At the same time, the structure of URETEK geopolymer resins has waterproofing and water-repellent properties. URETEK material does not come into contact with water and for a long time retains its characteristics, including in an excessively humid environment.

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