Foundation settlement is a phenomenon that occurs within 3-5 years after the completion of a building. If the permissible precipitation is exceeded due to violation of operating conditions, there is a risk of damage and destruction of the structural elements of the house. In this case, the precipitate is considered a drawdown, which must be eliminated.

A sign of the occurrence of subsidence of the foundation is the deformation and damage to the structural elements of the building. Cracks may appear in the walls or in the foundation, floor slabs of the lower floor may sag, door and window openings may warp, etc.

If cracks and other deformations are detected, they inspect the building and determine whether only the layer of wall cladding is affected or if there is damage to the supporting structures. If there is damage to the structural elements, and the cause of these damage is excessive settlement of the foundation, it is necessary to carry out repair work not only to eliminate the damage itself, but also to eliminate the cause of their occurrence.

Classical foundation reinforcement

The traditional way to restore the structural characteristics of a building is to strengthen the foundation. The concept of “strengthening the foundation” itself is very extensive. For example, if at the stage of designing a house, according to the calculation results, it turned out that the accepted width of the foundation is insufficient and the building gives a load more than the soil can withstand, then it is necessary to recalculate the project with an increased width of the foundation, that is, “strengthen the foundation”.

It is possible to increase the width of the foundation at the finished object, which leads to bulk excavation and concrete work. Strengthening the foundation of a house built involves a very laborious and lengthy process. To increase the width of the foundation, you need to dig it around the perimeter of the entire building. However, this cannot be done at the same time due to the risk of destruction of the entire structure. In the traditional approach, work to strengthen the foundation is carried out in stages, in small sections. It should be understood that the concrete used to increase the width of the foundation is gaining strength 28 days.

Innovative soil reinforcement

URETEK geopolymer technologies allow solving the problem of strengthening the foundation in another way. The foundation is a structure that transfers the load to the ground. The subsidence of the foundation begins in those cases when the pressure on the soil is greater than the normative. The task of stopping and eliminating the subsidence of the foundation can be solved not only by strengthening the foundation, but also by strengthening the soil. In this case, the foundation will remain as it is, and no work needs to be done with it.

The fact is that the foundation and soil are not separate elements, but work in pairs in the form of a soil-foundation system. As soon as the bearing capacity of the soil is increased to the required values, the foundation will begin to work normally. And as a result, it will be possible to talk about the fact that there was a "strengthening of the foundation."

Features of geopolymer injection

The stopping and elimination of foundation settling due to soil reinforcement is carried out by injection of URETEK geopolymer resins. In this case, there is no need to carry out excavation and concrete work, and all procedures for restoring the characteristics of structural elements of a building take about two to three days.

In order to inject with geopolymers, it is necessary to drill wells for pipes with a diameter of 12 mm, through which geopolymers will be injected. In some cases, two or three tubes can be inserted into one hole to feed the geopolymer material to different depths. All procedures are performed using small mobile tools, without involving large construction equipment.

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