Spring is a wonderful time when nature is reborn and the creative potential of a person is fully revealed. And the design, especially the interior, can rightfully be called Creativity with a capital letter. And co-creation.

This is what the first inspirational meeting in 2017 was dedicated to, from the magazine Cozy Apartment, the speaker of which will be the guru of subject and interior design Swiss Aurel Aebi, co-founder of Atelier Oi studio In addition to Aurel, bold projects and extraordinary things have been created in it for almost 25 years for almost all the famous Swiss brands Arman Louis and Patrick Raymond. All this time, the studio manages to maintain the unity of individuals and exclusive author's style. Therefore, our guest, like no one else, knows about the philosophy and practical side of productive co-creation. No wonder the creations of Aurel, Arman and Patrick are called the national treasure of the country.

The studio’s experience with the most famous world and Swiss brands is extremely rich, and the Ukrainian audience will undoubtedly be interested to hear how Atelier Oi and its customers work together.


1 What happens at the start: is it always participation in tenders or do companies turn directly to the bureau with specific requests.

2 Do brands provide freedom of action when preparing orders?

3 Is it possible to deviate from the initial brief?

4 What difficulties arise when working with well-known companies?

5 How the bureau succeeds in successfully completing an order and at the same time showing the brand's style, showing its unique style.

In addition, Aurel Aebi will share his individual secrets: what is the strength of his products and how to get into a trend in a world that is saturated with design. And of course, our guest will talk about the essence of collaboration with two of his colleagues, and now best friends. And about why such alliances are important and strong.

We invite Ukrainian designers, architects, company representatives and just creative people to take an active part in discussing current issues. Believe me, in such communication not only truth is born, but also new creative unions!

The magazine "Cozy apartment" with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

Registration link: forms/d/1L-5QMzjzbPET3abn6jEHa7sn9ZtA2Moj2n2KCzAtTjE/edit

MAKET HUB, st. Machine operators, 2-A, off.151
Start time: 17:00
For information: 097 390 65 19

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