Strengthening the foundations of buildings and structures

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Restoring the reliable condition of structures affected by serious problems, such as deconsolidation, poor ramming during construction or overloading structures, has still been and is a complex process. Weak ground (weak base soils) can jeopardize the safe condition of floors, foundations and other structural elements of buildings and structures, exposing structures to risk of damage and collapse. Currently available solutions to improve the condition of base soils are limited, highly invasive (interfering directly with the structure or assembly), costly, time-consuming and dirty. If work on landscaping (or restoration) of the territory requires that the tenant of the building move, then the suspension of the business may add additional losses for both the business operator and the company of the business tenant. Now there is a relatively new alternative. After many years of extensive research and testing, Uretek has developed a non-invasive (without interfering with structures or assemblies) method of anchoring the substrates. This method strengthens the base from the inside, reinforcing it from the inside and consolidating the particles that have undergone restructuring.

                The solution uses a combination of several properties of geopolymer resins for soil (foundation) remediation. The method is applicable both to eliminate the vulnerability of the underlying soil layers, and can be used under existing structures at a depth of 9 meters. There are also separately developed resins for use directly in natural soil in preparation for new construction.
When applied under existing structures, the technology for improving (strengthening or consolidating) the soil and eliminating the effects of softening or swelling (heaving) strengthens the soil, reduces porosity, preloads supporting structures (foundations, floors) and helps to return the real estate asset to a reliable working condition. This new approach to the restoration of structures and their foundations can help preserve existing buildings and infrastructure as a whole, even in cramped conditions of dense development. This is a worthy alternative to costly demolition and invasive recovery.

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  • Not properly tamped base
  • Man-made breakdowns and accidents of engineering communications
  • Regular fluctuations in moisture and soil temperature
  • Earthworks or piling nearby
  • Regular exposure to vibrations
  • Biological processes in the soil
  • Seismic activity


  • Understand what is happening
  • Make an informed and informed decision.
  • Take control of an asset
  • Increase facility life
  • Stop Lost Asset Value
  • Choose the most suitable way to implement the solution.
  • Get a reliable expert in building maintenance
Этапы взаимодействия
completed projects, using uretek technology in Ukraine and the world
all work using uretek technology is carried out:
  • On a local floor without excavation or excavation
  • Without dismantling the warehouse equipment and stopping the warehouse
  • At any time of the day and under any weather conditions and air temperatures up to -350С
  • Fast, silent, no waste or trash
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