Elimination of the causes of subsidence and restoration of buildings and structures

Technologies that give a second chance

This can be extremely troubling for owners of a house or building that suffers from the serious consequences of subsidence or subsidence, builders say.

Traditional signs of a house damaged by subsidence can range from non-disturbing, very small cracks in walls and uneven concrete driveways to annoying factors such as skewed doors and windows that do not close properly or gaps between walls and adjacent constructions (floors, ceilings).

Many homeowners are concerned about the potential damage to their home (and property), which could ultimately become so serious that it could result in a partial demolition of their home or require serious capital work. However, many users do not understand that, no matter how serious the visible damage may be, the reason for this often lies in the unstable or weak ground of the base under their house.

To help reassure a growing number of property owners concerned about the structural integrity of their home, Uretek has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the consequences of subsidence of land beneath buildings and structures. The training includes informing homeowners that there is a convenient and cost-effective solution to help solve the problem quickly and without interference using Uretek technology.

Unique two in one solution. Uretek helps the future of homes affected by subsidence by strengthening the foundation under the foundation of the house while raising and leveling the house (back to its original level). This leads to the fact that cracks in the walls are closed, the doors and windows “snap” again, and the floors and skirting boards converge. Nevertheless, the best result for homeowners is peace of mind that the land under their “substantial investment” is solid and unlikely to move again in the future.

Recently, Uretek was used in a number of cases for the successful restoration of houses throughout Ukraine:

The owners of the house in Kiev were worried that their extension would have to be torn down due to soil subsidence and deformations caused by a leaking drainage pipe. Uretek was able to successfully strengthen the foundation and foundation, helping to prevent future subsidence.

The homeowner in Kiev was concerned that serious cracks and uneven floors in the house could not be fixed due to the underfloor heating system in the house. However, the non-invasive application of Uretek allowed the house to be “fixed” without causing significant damage to the floor.

In one of the houses there were large floor-to-ceiling cracks running along several walls at the back of the house, which did not allow closing doors and windows. Uretek was able to successfully raise the rebuild room and close the cracks.

The house, built on a steep slope in Kharkov, suffered from poor bearing capacity of the foundation soils, since the foundation of the house was built over an old landfill. Uretek was able to strengthen the soil under the foundation of the house to prevent the risk of further subsidence.

These cases demonstrate how subsidence can have a different effect on the structural integrity of a home. Common causes of foundation weakening, which can be a catalyst for foundation and wall problems, include:

- Leaking pipes

- Insufficient drainage capacity

- Heavy rains or lingering frosts

- Construction work next door or heavy traffic

- Tree roots and groundwater

- Old age and wear of building materials

Request a free consultation with a geotechnical engineer to discuss your case and determine the options and solutions that are right for you


  • Not properly tamped base
  • Additional new structural load
  • Man-made breakdowns and accidents of engineering communications
  • Regular fluctuations in moisture and soil temperature
  • Earthworks or piling nearby
  • Regular exposure to vibrations
  • Biological processes in the soil
  • Seismic activity


  • Understand what is happening
  • Make an informed and informed decision.
  • Take control of an asset
  • Increase facility life
  • Stop Lost Asset Value
  • Choose the most suitable way to implement the solution.
  • Get a reliable expert in building maintenance
Этапы взаимодействия
completed projects, using uretek technology in Ukraine and the world
all work using uretek technology is carried out:
  • On a local floor without excavation or excavation
  • Without dismantling the warehouse equipment and stopping the warehouse
  • At any time of the day and under any weather conditions and air temperatures up to -350С
  • Fast, silent, no waste or trash
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