Strengthening the soil and filling the voids

What causes voids and dips? What does it look like in practice? We reveal the nature and mechanism of formation of this phenomenon

Failures or voids, as you know, can appear in many places: residential buildings, gardens, highways, car parks of shopping centers. While failures are rare, there are several common natural and man-made causes that can lead to failure or void formation, and they are usually exacerbated by running water and time. Nearby construction or excavation, leaking pipes, reclaimed landfills, as well as mining or tunneling, which is classic for this phenomenon, can also affect the stability or bearing capacity of the surrounding layers of the earth, leading to voids and potential failures.


       When water creates natural underground currents, the ground under the surface layer may slowly collapse or leach out, causing voids to form. Over time, the underground void grows, as a result of which the surface layer of the earth gradually becomes thinner and extends further, eventually collapsing. In areas where the mainland underground consists of limestone, which is easily dissolved, funnels are more common.


       Torrential rains, floods, leakage or rupture of drainage pipes can cause excess water to pass through the ground, washing out small particles and forming cavities, also potentially causing failure.

Man-made accidents:

        Wearing foundations of engineering networks and infrastructure, which are not subject to sufficient control and updating, are fraught with potential threats of breakthroughs and the formation of voids and cavities, hidden from the eyes of observers.

Signs of potential failure:

        Despite the fact that the surface layer of the earth remains intact, with the formation and increase in the size of the underground cavity, as a result of development, signs will appear that indicate the presence of a void or a crater that appears. By recognizing these signs and acting quickly, you can take preventive measures, thereby avoiding significant damage to homes, business facilities and roads, as well as minimizing the risk to human security.

Pay attention to these potential warning signs:

  • Cracks forming in the ground outside
  • Unexplained hollows or dips in the ground
  • Trees or fence posts that lean or fall
  • The rapid emergence of a hole in the ground
  • Comprehensive and affordable recovery solutions

         Technologies Uretek is a set of techniques and materials used for various complex geotechnical solutions, which include filling and sealing large underground voids and dips. The complete solution is exceptionally lightweight and also provides excellent load-bearing capacity in the void zone and above.


Request a free consultation with a geotechnical engineer to discuss your case and determine the options and solutions that are right for you


  • Not properly tamped base
  • Additional new structural load
  • Man-made breakdowns and accidents of engineering communications
  • Regular fluctuations in moisture and soil temperature
  • Earthworks or piling nearby
  • Regular exposure to vibrations
  • Biological processes in the soil
  • Seismic activity


  • Understand what is happening
  • Make an informed and informed decision.
  • Take control of an asset
  • Increase facility life
  • Stop Lost Asset Value
  • Choose the most suitable way to implement the solution.
  • Get a reliable expert in building maintenance
Этапы взаимодействия
completed projects, using uretek technology in Ukraine and the world
all work using uretek technology is carried out:
  • On a local floor without excavation or excavation
  • Without dismantling the warehouse equipment and stopping the warehouse
  • At any time of the day and under any weather conditions and air temperatures up to -350С
  • Fast, silent, no waste or trash
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