Raising and leveling foundation and wall structures

Lifting the house is already possible "without leaving the house"

One of the important stages of construction and operation is the alignment of the foundation (and load-bearing walls) of buildings or its parts (corners, extensions). This ensures even support of the house without distortions, cracks and other problems that may occur due to the unevenness of the foundation or foundation (foundation soil). However, there are often situations when the building has already been erected, but over time the roll of the house (wall) or foundation was discovered.

              Lifting the foundation (and adjacent structures) of the house should be performed at the first signs of subsidence of the foundation. This will avoid further problems, namely: the appearance of cracks, rolls, sags, skew doorways and curvature of the floor. It is not necessary to delay with repair of the base, after all in that case there can be an emergency situation which will demand considerable time for its decision and big means, not to mention threat to life and health of inhabitants.

               You can order alignment of designs of the base of the building or construction on our website. We make alignment of the existing concrete and reinforced concrete (monolithic) bases, and also tape, plate and columnar. From a brick, blocks, a stone (rubble bases) and other materials. Subsidence and subsidence of the foundation and associated structures is not a problem if geopolymer technologies are used to solve it.

 URETEK technology - fast, reliable, high quality.

                URETEK DEEP INJECTION technology allows to level and lift the base without carrying out long earthworks. It is known in more than 80 countries around the world and today is actively gaining popularity in Ukraine. The technology is based on the introduction of geopolymer resins into the soil, which rapidly expand with a force of up to 10 MPa, harden and, forming a vertically directed pressure, strengthen the base and foundation. At this point, the foundation rises to the required height. It should also be noted that the two-component geopolymer resins used have a service life of more than 60 years, do not affect the environment and are not exposed to fungi and bacteria.

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  • Not properly tamped base
  • Additional new structural load
  • Man-made breakdowns and accidents of engineering communications
  • Regular fluctuations in moisture and soil temperature
  • Earthworks or piling nearby
  • Structural differences of foundations within the same building
  • Regular exposure to vibrations
  • Diverse base under one building


  • Understand what is happening
  • Make an informed and informed decision.
  • Take control of an asset
  • Increase facility life
  • Stop Lost Asset Value
  • Choose the most suitable way to implement the solution.
  • Get a reliable expert in building maintenance
Этапы взаимодействия
completed projects, using uretek technology in Ukraine and the world
all work using uretek technology is carried out:
  • On a local floor without excavation or excavation
  • Without dismantling the warehouse equipment and stopping the warehouse
  • At any time of the day and under any weather conditions and air temperatures up to -350С
  • Fast, silent, no waste or trash
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