Uretek technology applications

URETEK technology eliminates the need for excavation and excavation work. Our approaches solve the problem in a short time, without stopping the operation or operation of facilities, which leads to a wide range of their application. Initial stage design work

Private houses
SEC + Office
Warehouses rooms
Industrial premises
Infrastructural objects
Application for audit of an object

Private developers no less than others are faced with problems of reinforced concrete foundations. Cracks in the foundation and walls, subsidence of structures and the roll of the house can be caused by a number of reasons. One of the most common is poor-quality survey and construction work. Often, homeowners refuse geodetic work, trying to avoid seemingly unnecessary expenses.

As a result, solving foundation problems can be much more expensive. Traditional methods for solving problems involve large-scale excavation work. And if the site near the house is already landscaped, you will have to sacrifice it.


The unique URETEK technology will solve the problem without the use of heavy equipment, in 1-2 days, without the need for eviction from home.

All uretek works are performed

  • No earthwork
  • Without stopping the work of the enterprise
  • No need to vacate the room
  • On the local floor
  • Quickly, silently, without waste and garbage
URETEK methods are applicable for strengthening foundation soils, stabilizing reinforced concrete structures, lifting and leveling slabs and foundations of any objects
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